At REDX WeSchool you will have access to great mentorship, latest design tools and a great environment for like-minded people with diverse skill sets. You will receive active mentorship from world-class experts and support with state-of-the-art infrastructures (hardware, software, and design) like Computing machines, GPU clusters, 3D printers and several rapid prototyping tools. Bring passion and dedication to your job and there’s no telling what you could accomplish. Imagine what you could do at REDX WeSchool!


As a REDX WeSchool team member, you will be responsible for research, design, development, and test of ideas that will impact billions.

Competitive compensation will commensurate with qualification and experience of the candidate. Applicants must email your resume and a cover letter to  and/or

We love to connect with thinkers, makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and all the amazing folks having exciting ideas to make our world better! Feel free to reach out and share your ideas, maybe it could impact the next 5 Billion!

Wish to partner or join REDX WeSchool? Write to us at


Driven by a strong innovation community, the innovation center brings together researchers, engineers, scientists, domain experts, designers, entrepreneurs and implementation partners to build Artificial Intelligence technology-based solutions with a huge social impact.

Collaborators can engage with the REDX WeSchool ecosystem in multiple ways: propose a challenge, fund to develop innovations, mentor innovators, test and progress ideas, share data/ technology/ expertise in order to progress a project or multiple projects, commercialize innovations, etc. Play a key role in the Indian innovation ecosystem and make a difference by solving the next billion dollar problems.

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