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466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss[1]. In India, 63 million people suffer from significant auditory loss[2]. However, it is estimated that half of all the cases can be prevented through public health measures. In children under 15 years of age, 60% of hearing loss is attributable to preventable causes which overall helps in reducing annual global cost.[3]

The conventional method for screening of ear conditions involves the use of traditional Otoscope under the supervision of an expert. Due to non-availability of ear-experts in rural areas, screening for ear conditions is not adequately done.

Our Ear Imaging Tool is an innovative device to image conditions and infections of the middle ear. It comprises of a smartphone compatible (OTG enabled) camera that helps in visualizing the middle ear and screening for various ear infections. A companion smartphone application helps practitioners keeping patient records, documenting changes over time and annotate images/videos of the ear.

Tool Setup



  • Smartphone compatible & OTG supported
  • Can visualize the ear canal, up to the eardrum
  • Can be used to capture images & videos
Image 2_slider_shaded backgorund_v2
Image 2_slider_with specula fitted_v2_flipped-04
  • Ergonomic design
  • Robust fitment module for detachable specula
  • Highly portable
Android Application
  • Live visualization of ear canal on the phone screen
  • Document and annotate captured images
  • Create and maintain patient records