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Dermoscopy helps physicians in improving their diagnostic accuracy by 10-27% compared to diagnosis by the naked eye. In many cases, it reduces the need for doing an invasive procedure like biopsy.

Smartphone dermoscopy combines the existing features of a smartphone with dermoscopic add-ons. The available smartphone attachments are expensive and limited to specific smartphones.

Our clip-on is a novel, 3D printed smartphone clip-on that enables dermoscopy on any smartphone at an affordable price.


  • Provides 10X magnification with cross-polarization
  • Image quality comparable with that of standard dermoscope
  • Light-weight, modular and compatible with most smartphones
Android Application
  • Image and video recording for skin conditions
  • Organized storage of annotated data
  • Encrypted patient data for security
  • Ease of use

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Anshuman Das
| Optics lead + Mentor
Postdoctoral Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Akshat Wahi
| Hardware Specialist
Research Engineer, REDX WeSchool (Alumni), Mumbai

Aparajita Sahoo
| Hardware Specialist
Senior Research Engineer, REDX WeSchool (Alumni), Mumbai

Sonali Patel
| Product Designer
REDX WeSchool (Alumni), Mumbai