Sustainable Tableware

Eco-friendly Tableware Manufacturing machine.  The project is aimed at boosting micro entrepreneurship opportunities by developing a machine for producing disposable plates, bowls and cutlery using natural materials. 

Speech Coach

A convenient and user-friendly product that lets you explore vocal elements of speech delivery by viewing their values and graphs and can be used to practice speech delivery, boost confidence and deliver articulate speeches.

Lex AI

With documents ranging from few pages to few hundred, the legal system suffers latency of information consumption by stakeholders. We use Artificial intelligence aided summarisation for making judgement information accessible to lawyers and judges.


Auriscape, an Ear Imaging Tool is an innovative device to image conditions and infections of the middle ear. It comprises of a mobile-phone compatible (OTG supported) camera that helps in visualizing middle ear and screening for various ear infections. A companion mobile phone application helps practitioners keeping patient records, documenting changes over time and annotate images/ videos of the ear.


Urvolution: (Urban – Evolution) The Artificial Intelligence-based technique that assists urban planners and policymakers in making decisions related to urban growth. It can track a region’s growth history using satellite images and extract growth patterns for rapidly-expanding cities. By mapping the changes in buildings and roads over time, policymakers can come up with scores related to socio-economic parameters, actionable insights and predictive measures for urbanization.


Our solution is a collection of dry waste-storage solutions that make household waste sorting convenient, elegant and visible. It establishes and reinforces waste segregation habits, and add an aspirational value and sense of pride around the habit of segregation.

Smart Traffic Systems

Optimized Traffic Light Control System that adapts and dynamically controls the duration of traffic lights using state-of-the-art Reinforcement Learning algorithm.

Dermascape Tools

The Dermascape tools comprise of a mobile phone clip-on and a spectrometer that aims to visualize skin conditions on smart phones and differentially diagnose skin conditions using fluorescence spectroscopy of skin. While spectrometry is being validated in clinical studies, the mobile clip-on is being extensively used by dermatologists. The hardware is supported by a companion app that allows capturing of magnified, high-quality images of skin lesions, annotate, store and access them along with patient data whenever needed.


GANToon, a system for generating portraits of cartoons with novel postures using GAN (Generative adversarial network), a deep learning technique. This can be used to create new images of existing cartoon characters, creating cartoon short films etc. This can be used in different creative fields, such as generating rhymes, the formation of music and paintings.

Urban Farms

Developing a Hydroponics based vertical farming unit primarily for urban households and restaurants enabling them to grow their own herbs, spices, and leafy vegetables in a controlled environment, thereby reducing the farm to fork time.


With the advent of Artificial intelligence, we look at ways of modernizing the book keeping system of crops using satellite images. 


Magvue is a portable setup consisting of a mobile clip-on that turns a smartphone into an affordable video magnifier for low vision people and a smartphone mounting stand. Currently, the hardware provides 12.5X optical magnification. It also has a companion mobile application that leverages the computational capabilities of the smartphone and provides additional contrast options along with digital magnification. This project is being done in collaboration with Lotus College of Optometry.

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