Dry waste storage and segregation unit
Click below for 3D view of the model

Our product is a collection of waste-storage solutions that make household waste sorting convenient, elegant and visible. It establishes and reinforces waste segregation habits, and adds an aspirational value and a sense of pride around the habit of segregation.


This solution will benefit:
Household-waste segregators – by being a convenient & elegant product that makes it easy to organise and store dry waste 

Recycling businesses – These storage products become mini ‘urban mines’ in each household, from where segregated recyclables can be directly sourced. 

Local Municipal Solid Waste Management – Increased recycling has the potential to divert more than 70% of household waste away from landfills, thus reducing the total amount of waste disposed in the landfill on a daily basis.


The product designed by us is a low cost, compact product manufactured from cardboard. This enables the users to store all the typical categories of recyclable waste like:

  • Newspapers,
  • paper waste,
  • plastic and glass containers,
  • metal and e-waste,
  • other landfill-able waste like medical and hazardous waste In the different allotted sections of the unit.

The material cardboard makes the product light and easy to move around.